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N95 Mask Locations this time, he was surprised to find that Yang Qi actually appeared among the top 30 players.Yang Qi and Lin Yaner originally saw Ye Han appear, and they seemed to be safe and sound, and their hearts were excited.When he was exposed to Ye Han s surprised eyes, Yang Qi understood the meaning of Ye Han.He looked ashamed and said to Ye Han I have a good luck.When N95 Mask Locations the last round of the martial arts test came on, the people who or.iginally occupied the downfall just couldn t fight any more, so I won.Hearing this, N95 Mask Locations Ye Han couldn t help but laugh. Obviously, this is exactly the N95 Mask Locations unfairness that everyone thought of at the beginning of the game.Yang Qi s luck is too good, and the guy who had already defeated eight opponents is too unlucky.It is estimated that when he stepped down, he knew that he was making a wedding dress for others, and he was N95 Mask Locations definitely depressed.Oh, but for a moment of good luck, today s real decisive battle will not have anyone with such luck.The N95 Mask Locations wind and the side can not help but

snorted. Yang Qi is not n95 mask fit clean shaven an easy to follow person.Since his repeated communication with Ye Han, why do football helemts need face masks his personality has also changed.At this moment, when I heard the other person ridiculed him, I was naturally not happy.I said directly If you yell, I will say directly, you are like a walgreens candy sale girl.You was furious and almost wanted to rush to go directly to Yang Qi.However, feeling N95 Mask Locations the eyes of Ye Han and Lin dust mask for smoke home depot Yaner, he had to secretly be jealous and hesitated.Just then, Zhou Xiaoya boarded the crowd, and the crisp voice was infuriated N95 Mask Locations with the infuriating voice, and it was introduced into everyone s ears All N95 Mask Locations the players arrived, and now the second phase of the military test officially begins Feng Yao immediately made a fuss.and cold voice said to Yang Qi After a N95 Mask Locations while, I see how you are arrogant.At the same time, many audiences N95 Mask Locations in the audience have also N95 Mask Locations dust mask when working with bagged concrete quieted down and focused on the downfall.I only listened to Zhou Xiaoya on the stage and N95 Mask Locations said slowly The second stage of the test is divided into two major r

N95 Mask Locations

ounds.The first N95 Mask Locations round is to decide the top fifteen. The rules are very simple.The N95 Mask Locations top 30 players in the audience will draw lots and the first one will be drawn.The corresponding opponents are No. 30, No.2 corresponds to No. 29, and so on.After the lottery is completed, they are respectively boarded in the ring, and the five games are held simultaneously.The winner will directly advance to N95 Mask Locations the second round and participate in the second round.Lottery matchup. N95 Mask Locations In the end, the N95 Mask Locations second round will be tested many times.After all the winners, do you understand understand Ye Han and others, as well as the surrounding audience, nodded.So, now all the players are on the stage, draw lots to decide your opponent.Zhou Xiaoya said, suddenly took a table from the space ring, and a box for drawing lots.The teenagers N95 Mask Locations in the audience have staged the stage and draw lots according to the order of the previous martial arts test to obtain the top 30 qualifications.Soon, each of them got a bamboo stick in thei. r han

ds.Which player got the first sign Zhou Xiaoya asked everyone.In this. Liu Yan raised his hand, and a bamboo stick in his hand was writing a big word.Seeing this, Zhou Yun on the rostrum suddenly laughed, and it seems surgeon face masks that the apprentice s first sign made him feel very proud.Which player is the 30th player, Zhou Xiaoya said again.I a pudgy boy when is respirator required in painting raised his hand. Everyone looked at the N95 Mask Locations boy who looked obese, but many people showed a bit of pity to the fat boy.The fat boy N95 Mask Locations didn t care. He pointed to Liu Yan directly and said, I will beat dust mask dod beijinv you.Liu Yan smiled slightly, just shrugged N95 Mask Locations if the metal pops in my respirator is it working his shoulders and followed him to the golden platform.Then, the next is the second and twenty ninth sign, who is in hand Zhou Xiaoya s gaze aveeno masks face once again patrolled the N95 Mask Locations crowd.After thinking for a N95 Mask Locations moment, her gaze moved to Yang Qi N95 Mask Locations and Feng Yao s body and stopped.Ye Han was shocked Isn t Yang Qi just on the wind The bamboo sign in the hands of Feng Yao is exactly the 29th, and Yang Qi s hand seems to be the second.Feng Yao was a