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Fqace e Han did. not question her, but continued to ask Who is my father Your father, Di Xin Xin took a deep breath, and said, Your father is not actually a person.I heard that Ye Han has not been able to Fqace listen to it completely.He shook his head and said It s ridiculous that you said that my father is not a man, but my father will not be a monster.Xuan Yi Shuang Xia can not accept this absurd statement.Emperor Xin Xin did not explain it. He took out a piece of dark green feather and handed it to Ye Han.When Ye Han s brow wrinkled, he suddenly found that on this little feather, it was covered Fqace with a dense seal, but even under such a seal, it still exudes a feeling of horror.Dangerous breath What Fqace makes Ye Han feel incredible is that he feels that this feather has a connection with himself that is unclear, and the connection seems to be emitted from the blood.Seeing him squatting for a while, Emperor Xin Xin said This is the only thing left by your father, and it is also a feather from him.Ye Han still can Fqace t accept Fqace such a statement. If you really follow the instructions of Emperor Xin, then how can he accept that he has become a half man and a half devil However, he can t explain why hi

s own blood, such a feather that is obviously from a powerful Yaozu, has produced such a strange connection.I. t was also how face masks work at this time that he suddenly remembered that at the Devil Mountain Range, Fqace the Pengzi s Prince Yu Yu once said to him that he had the blood of the demon.For a time, Ye Han couldn t help but have a big shock I will not be so bloody.Chapter 403 has completely broken the seal This kind of thing, it is estimated that it will be difficult for anyone to accept it for Fqace a what does a medical respirator look like while.Emperor Fqace Xin Xin naturally understands his mood very much and says I know that you can t accept it for a while, face cleaning masks with push down but this is the 3m full mask respirator truth.Yes, the father said that there is still Fqace a secret hidden in this feather.If you I really Fqace don t believe what I said, you can wait for your spiritual knowledge to rise to the sea, Fqace then uncover the seal on this face and see for yourself.When Ye Han heard this, his mood calmed down. He nodded, but did not rush to explore the seal on the feather, but to collect breathing mask for forest fire smoke n95 or n100 it.Emperor Xin looked at him and said slowly The Fqace reason why the father was sealed on you was because the blood and the demon were combined and the blood became abnormally unstable.Growth has become more and more


powerful. If you expose something that has the blood of the demon family, there will inevitably emerge in the purple dynasty dynasty.I don t know how many people disagree with you, and even want to get rid of.you, including the ancestral palace, will never Let you continue to live and become a shame of the royal family Hearing here, Mo Qiu and Yun Lin both understand that the seal she said is for Fqace protection.Emperor Xin Xin continued At the beginning, you will be sent to Fqace the southern domain to guard, in fact, it is also hope to keep you Fqace Fqace away from the battle circle, this is also a kind of protection.But Ye Han listened to these words, but it didn t seem to touch anything.He just said, I know. Besides, Fqace is there anything else His plain look gave the emperor a feeling of sorrow, even if he could accept that he really had a different life experience, he could not let go of his happiness.Emperor Xin Xin suddenly patted the palm of his hand.Outside of the room, suddenly a girl came in, but she held something in her hand, but it Fqace was a huge scroll of navy.Ye Han was very confused and asked What is this If it is an ordinary thing, Emperor Xin Xin can earn his own space ring.At this moment

, he will give it to him. Why do you want Fqace a waitress to hold it up This is another thing that the father brought me to, and I can let you unlock the seal.Emperor Xin Xin said a word, but let Ye Han never calm down.Unblock This is not a simple matter The seal has always been a heart disease for him.Although. he broke the child mask n95 seal twice in succession, he has once again how often should you use hanacure face mask encountered a bottleneck.If he can t break the seal below, he will be worse from the level of the rank.One step, but I don t know when it will cross the Fqace past.This seal is very strange, roblox codes dust mask Ye Han even found that even he Fqace mastered the heavy Xuan faction, the pattern and other related inheritance information, even can not be cracked.If Emperor Xin Xin can really unblock him at this moment, he is even more delighted than the national movement of the Fqace Ziyan Dynasty he had received before.Seeing the change of his face, Fqace Emperor Xin Xin s mouth how to place filter in phillips respirator also had a smile.He said This is a mixed moon Fqace scroll. It is a fur of a special monster named Yue Moon.It has a Fqace multi why does aaron baynes wear a face mask layered space system. Power, so I can t put it into the space ring, I ca